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Bunny is back ♥

/ Navy Plum

Fabric Bunny by navyplum.com


FR: Après quelques mois d’hibernation, Bunny est enfin de retour! Bon mardi tout le monde.

(Bunny porte un pantalon imprimé Liberty et une veste brodée à basque).


EN: After a few months of hibernation, Bunny is finally back! Have a good Tuesday everyone.

(Bunny wears Liberty print pants and a peplum embroidered jacket).


Fabric Bunny by navyplum.com

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Noir Jaune Rouge

/ Belgium, Traveling

Atomium - BELGIUM


I’m back in Belgium!


I’m settling in Brussels where things are (slowly but surely) starting to become a bit more organised. Some stuff such as administrative details can take more time but let’s be patient. 😉
As I said in my last post, I haven’t been living in Belgium for about 6-7 years, so quite a bit now. I’m trying to rediscover my country with new eyes, a bit like a tourist.
Isn’t it exciting playing the tourist in your own country?!


So today we decided to really play the game… We visited the Atomium, a huge symbol in the Brussels skyline. You probably already have seen its spherical architecture.
The Atomium was the main pavilion of the Expo 58. It symbolised peace among all the nations, faith in progress and an optimistic vision of the future of a modern, super-technological world for a better life for mankind.


After that we went to “Place Jourdan” in order to enjoy a nice cold beer and savour some real Belgian fries from the crowned best chip shop in the city – the Maison Antoine (since 1948). Yummy yummy!


I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Belgian Waffles - BRUSSELSInside Atomium - BRUSSELSAtomium - BELGIUMInside Atomium - BRUSSELSInside Atomium - BRUSSELSAtomium - BELGIUMAtomium - BELGIUM

Maison Antoine: 1 Place Jourdan, 1040 Etterbeek

Friterie Maison Antoine depuis 1948 - BRUSSELS

Belgian beers - BRUSSELSFriterie Maison Antoine depuis 1948 - BRUSSELSFries from Maison Antoine - BRUSSELS

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